To such conclusion experts Yekaterinburg filii IRTC "Eye Microsurgery". Undertake such studies prompted numerous complaints medical users 3D-cinema. After watching the film in a special polarizing glasses people complained about discomfort, headaches and vision problems. Fans of the movie worth watching three-dimensional picture of not more than two or three times a week, and some - and completely contraindicated.
Polarized glasses to the eyes is positive, but only in the first 15 minutes. As explained by experts in that time have time to relax the muscles that set up the lens and the eyes are unloaded. But then begins to decrease color sensitivity, and in the first half hour after the screening person experiences discomfort and dizziness. These symptoms are associated with the brain's response to the 3D-image. For example, watching movies in 3D-glasses do not tolerate those people who are also swayed in transport or on the water.

In a report published recently in an Indian inform - website states that despite the widespread rave reviews about the new system, three-dimensional television, health officials have expressed concern about the negative consequences. They assert that constant viewing 3D programs can cause eye muscle tension and adversely affect the condition of view.

It is further stated that the current group of researchers in the U.S. and England, having received funding, started investigating the problem.

So you should wait for the official results of their work. However, a professor of optometry and Sciences at University of California - Martin Banks, said that it is hard to expect from these studies, the objective results. Since negative opinion adversely affect big business.

Now, when Cameron's Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time, "trehmerka" came into vogue. The most popular new toys presented at the last exhibition CES, were 3D-TV, 3D-player and comfortable 3D-glasses for the living room. At least three U.S. cable network promised 3D-broadcast later this year - for the few who have the 3D-TV. Everyone in the consumer electronics industry sees this as the next big thing: now, when everything is purchased large flat-screen TVs, 3D - the next logical step, the need for modernization, which will allow us all to keep up with progress.

Movie studios are also addicted to the stereo effect. Most recently, Warner Brothers has announced that the last two Harry Potter film will be shot in 3D.

What is this, the era of 3D? Possible, so it looks like. But we all better hope that it will be quite different. The fact that 3D - a harmful thing.

How is this possible? Is the real world is 3D? Yes, the real world is three-dimensional objects clearly. But there the similarity ends. What you show on the silver screen - and soon on television - not real tehmernost. This is the essence of the problem.

In 1990 began the development in virtual reality - another technology that was to be the next big thing. The company developed the Sega helmet display (fancy hat for virtual reality), which can connect to the console Sega Genesis (aka Sega Mega Drive). Everything was going great, until the company has not sent these prototypes to the test.

Virtual reality helmets use the same technology stereo, which can be found in movie theaters or 3D-TV sets - parallax. They project to each of your eyes its a little different from the other, a picture, and thus a difference in your brain is formed depth perception. Sounds great, until you realize how complex is actually a depth perception in humans. English article "Wikipedia" dedicated perception of depth (very worth reading), contains a dozen shades of depth that the human brain uses to determine the distance to the subject. Parallax - is one of those shades. Since different film and television technologies use only shades of depth based on parallax, your brain basically has to ignore several other shades, at a time when you are immersed in the world of "Avatar." That's why "trehmerka" The film does not seem quite right. Essentially you are fighting with your own brain, which is a bit confused. Over time, your brain just starts to ignore the other shades.

Here it is, a problem. When the movie ends, and you're shooting glasses, your brain still continues to ignore all these shades of depth perception. Over time, it will return to normal. For some, this happens very quickly. In others, it may take several hours. This condition, known as "binocular dysphoria" - it is a payment for cheating the brain that you are forced to believe in the illusion of 3D. As long as someone does not come up with some other kind of 3D-display (many have tried, but no one has nothing good happened), binocular dysphoria will be part of the process.

It's not so important if you are going to watch a movie in the cinema (though it can lead to more later "kiss" in the parking lot), but it is very important if you will be subjected to the effects of a clock, every day, looking at the TV. Most likely, your brain is so confused in shades of depth that you will earn a chronic form of binocular dysphoria. That's what testers were then told of Sega. And that's why its system of virtual reality - which was announced with great fanfare - and did not reach the market.

Video Games - in most cases - the main entertainment of youth. Children can play in them for hours every day, and our testers realized that children - and their extremely malleable nervous system - can potentially get permanent damage if they are constantly exposed to the system for a long time, which caused a binocular dysphoria 'computers. That's what really bothers me, because 3D-TV is advertised as educational - Discovery Channel announced that it would begin broadcasting in 3D-middle of this year - and it could damage the growing minds, which is intended to enlighten.

All of this is moving without any thought of the potential threats to health that is a lasting impact 3D. None of the TV manufacturers have not spent any of the tests related to health and safety. They must have thought that if it is safe enough for the 3D movie, will fit for the living room. However, it is not. A few hours every few weeks - it's not that a few hours each day.

Happen one of two things: 3D-TV quickly and quietly disappear from the market, from advertising products and plans of broadcasting, or we will soon be the largest in the history of the class action process, when millions of children around the world realize that their televisions permanently damaged their depth perception. Hopefully, the home 3D "goes out."

Channel - satellite TV, Radio channel

Position - position of satellites on orbit

Frequency - the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time

Band - electromagnetic spectrum, C band( 4 to 8 GHz), Ku band (11.2 GHz to 14.5 GHz)

SR - simbol rate, modulation rate

FEC - forward error correction, channel coding

Encryption - encrypted or free to air (FTA)

New technology and advanced equipment due to the rapid scientific and technological progress are developing strides to become more accessible and provide an opportunity to use satellite TV to almost everyone. Today, viewers have no desire to see flabby uninteresting picture on the TV, they want more interesting and informative programs, movies and sports. All this can provide satellite TV. To connect to the satellite TV needs a set of equipment consisting of an antenna, satellite receiver (receiver), converter, cable, fasteners ...

Satellite receiver - is the most important instrument of the entire set to receive satellite television. There are two types of satellite receivers:
Receivers that work with standard definition channels SD (most channels);
Receivers that work with standard channels and HD resolution of HDTV.



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